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Here at our Christian music website you will find Christian music and artists. Christian music glorifies the Lord

Get a free retreat album from the band Myztery when you buy their Cyber Superstar album below! Just click the Cyber Superstar head to hear samples of this cool album by Myztery. Features their powerful song "Earth Awaken!
This is an excellent album for your non-Christian friends. Very diverse.

Listen to songs from Cyber Superstar by Myztery


Check out cool songs by Song of the Lamb.

The "Silent Retreat" album by Myztery contains a variety of Christian songs written during a retreat. The music came out of the silence at the peaceful retreat house, while walking among trees and a winding river. It will help you enter more deeply into the healing presence of God.

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Myztery album

Buy the Myztery album on iTunes!

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